Adieu, Goodbye, Ma’salaama :-)

Some of you have probably noticed that my old posts are gone.  That’s because I’m cleaning house and moving on.  I’m retiring from blogging.  It’s time and I realized it after months of avoiding it.  I saved then removed my old posts in the hopes of finding some gem in the muck.  Maybe there’s some good book idea or article buried in there.  Plus, I’m working on redirecting my time and energy in some religious and business matters.  (Tajweed classes are rockin’ as usual.  It really adds sweetness to the prayer and I recommend everyone to take them.)  Insha’Allah, I can negotiate with this calligraphy museum in order to take some classes (of course, everything they offer is during my work hours!)  Anyway…

When I went on hiatus in March, I thought the time off would give me the energy and/or focus to get back into blogging again.  It hasn’t it.  The more I think about, the more I feel like the time is right.  There’s just too many things going on and I don’t have the time.  And, it’s not like the blog stats were that high anyway.  I may blog again in the future but that blog will probably be more arts related.  I mean, I went to Morocco (one of the most BEAUTIFUL countries on EARTH) for Ibn Battuta’s sake and you think that would have started a flurry for blog posts!  But I start and stop.  And start and stop.  Now it’s time to stop completely. 

As far as for blogging about American Muslim issues, I’ve run out of steam.  And that’s natural considering that I’m not in the States at the moment.  Who knew that all it would take for me to feel content were some pretty mosques, halal meat and the comfort of wearing an abaya without anyone looking at me sideways?  Oh, I ain’t saying things are prefect here (far from it) but sometimes you need to thank God for His favors wherever you find them.  And sometimes, it’s the simple things that matter. 

Also, this will be the first time in my blogging history that I won’t allow anyone to comment on this post. It’s not necessary.  Shoot, I keep up with most on you on Facebook or Yahoo anyway.  (I knew it was time to quit when I was doing more Facebook-ing than blogging.)  So I’ll leave this post up for about a few days and then delete the blog completely. 

Much love, duas, God’s mercy and cookies

Kelly Izdihar